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April 2, 2014

Houston Chronicle and MAPCON

Houston Chronicle

The Houston Chronicle paid MAPCON CMMS software a very high complIment today by purchasing our MAPCON Lite product for use within its facilities.

Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, contains the following information about the Houston Chronicle, “The Houston Chronicle is the largest daily newspaper in Texas, United States, headquartered in the Houston Chronicle Building at 801 Texas Avenue, Houston. As of March 2013, it is the third-largest newspaper by Sunday circulation in the United States. With its 1995 buy-out of long-time rival the Houston Post, the Chronicle became Houston’s primary newspaper.  The Houston Chronicle is the largest daily paper owned and operated by the Hearst Corporation, a multinational corporate media conglomerate with $4 billion in revenues. The paper employs nearly 2,000 people, including approximately 300 journalists, editors, and photographers. The Chronicle has bureaus in Washington, D.C. and Austin. Its web site averages more than 75 million page views per month.”

MAPCON is proud to be a member of the Houston Chronicle team.

October 15, 2013

Didion Milling Recognized for Excellence in CMMS

Didion Milling
Didion Milling received the 2013 MAPCON Outstanding Achievement Award at the annual MAPCON Users’ Group Conference on Sept. 23 in West Des Moines, Iowa. The award recognizes innovative companies using MAPCON software to drive efficiency and continuous improvement in operations.

MAPCON is an industry-leading computer maintenance management system (CMMS). It is used by organizations to plan and manage maintenance work, keep accurate inventory, schedule preventative maintenance, store equipment information, schedule labor and improve overall operational efficiency by reducing downtime.

“MAPCON has revolutionized the way we look at maintenance,” said Mike Ensley, CMMS administrator for Didion Milling and presentations coordinator for this year’s MAPCON Users’ Group Conference. “We’re recording real-time information, stocking smarter, using reports to plan better and maximizing plant uptime through the use of planned preventative maintenance.”

Full Text of Press Release October 22, 2013: Didion Milling Recognized for Excellence in Computerized Maintenance Management Systems

Didion Milling began implementing MAPCON software at its ethanol plant in 2010. Since then, more than 10,000 pieces of equipment have been integrated into the system and it is used both at the ethanol plant and the dry corn mill.

Didion Milling is a family-owned agricultural processing business located in the heartland of Wisconsin. For more than 40 years, Didion has been storing, milling, fermenting and transporting corn products. Didion’s growing portfolio of value-added corn products includes meals, grits, brans, pregelatinized flour and whole grain flour. To learn more, visit

May 14, 2013

MAPCON and Caterpillar at MARTS 2013

Tom Kopsa and William Murphy, MARTS 2013

William Murphy, Jr. the Maintenance Manager for Caterpillar – Joliet, IL facility was this year’s recipient for a free 1 year subscription to MAPCON On-Demand at MARTS 2013.

William is the Maintenance Manager for the Hydraulics & Hydraulics Business Unit. He stopped by our booth to look at MAPCON, especially MAPCON Mobile and the advantages it has to offer.

We are excited to welcome William to our MAPCON family!

September 17, 2012

MAPCON Maintenance Software 5.20 UPGRADE NOW AVAILABLE!

MAPCON Professional, the Windows Server edition of our Maintenance Software, has been updated with great new features, including a dashboard to instantly view the status of critical reports. The dashboard uses a Graphic Report Generator to display bar charts or pie graphs to visually show how your maintenance assets are progressing within MAPCON Professional, providing useful information in a glance!

MAPCON Technologies, Inc. has been busy developing enhancements to increase the flexibility of MAPCON’s Maintenance Software. You can now coordinate your MAPCON Professional e-mails with Microsoft Outlook so you have a record of ‘Sent Items’, and optionally track Delivery or Read Receipt notifications. We’ve also added Cost Center Budgets to allow users to track how much they can spend in each fiscal period. MAPCON Maintenance Software can quickly distribute the costs over each period, or the user can enter specific dollar amounts for each period.

There are a lot of people who like to use Google Maps on the internet, so we thought we’d take advantage of that technology. MAPCON Professional Maintenance Software now includes a place to store the Latitude and Longitude of any building location. Simply click a button to open a link to the internet and view the Google Map of that location, including satellite or Street Views (if available).

For our long time users, some of which go back over 20 years, we have enhanced the Inventory Usage Window to allow users to select a specific stockroom in which they want to see the activity. We’ve also added a routine when deleting old PM descriptions that makes it much easier to handle any outstanding work orders and close them out, too.

Give us a call at 1-800-223-4791 ask for Support and request your 5.20 upgrade today! All you need is a current annual support contract and you can take advantage of the new features!

June 4, 2012

SureShot Using MAPCON Maintenance Software

SureShot using MAPCON Maintenance SoftwareLocated in Nova Scotia, Canada, A.C. Dispensing Equipment, Inc. will be using our multi-user Mapcon Maintenance Software (Lite version) to help maintain their manufacturing equipment.

Best known for their SureShot brand name, they developed the first portion control dispenser in 1985, and have built their reputation on innovation and developing solutions for the dispensing challenges of their customers.

They develop their products in-house, controlling every aspect of the process from design through delivery. Their research and engineering teams work in conjunction with production to make concepts reality. They have modern state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that are specifically designed to meet and exceed the needs of their customers. An ongoing investment in research and development ensures that their company has the flexibility and market knowledge to develop equipment that will help their customer’s changing business grow and stay profitable. They are close to air, sea and land routes enabling them to serve the global marketplace.

(Read the rest of the story…)

May 8, 2012

MAPCON ‘On-Demand’ Work Order Software Goes to Work at Spin Linen

Spin Linen uses Work Order Software from MAPCONWhat started as a dry cleaning and shirt laundry called Spic & Span Linen Supply in a dusty 1932 downtown Omaha, Nebraska has evolved into a full service linen supply company.  In the 1960′s several restaurant customers expressed interest in having the company provide their table linen service which grew rapidly to become a core business unit.  Then in 1979, Spin Linen branched out from the hospitality and restaurant market niche into healthcare services as well. During its 82-year history, the company has expanded over 400% and established a solid foundation in the Midwest.  Spin Linen now services a sprawling business community spanning hundreds of miles across two states.

(Read the rest of the story…)

May 7, 2012

Darien Lake Adopts MAPCON Building Maintenance Software

Building Maintenance Software and Darien Lake Theme ParkLocated 45 minutes from Niagara Falls, Darien Lake Theme Park is an adventure land of fun for all ages! We especially appreciate the fact that they have decided to implement MAPCON Building Maintenance Software to track the maintenance of the many buildings located throughout the huge park, and in the future they will also track ride maintenance as well.

Darien Lake Theme Park will utilize MAPCON’s “On-Demand” building maintenance software version.

When it comes to fun, Darien Lake has a lot of rides!  Kids Rides, Family Rides, Thrill Rides (at least 4 Roller Coasters) and even a 10-acre Water Park are all integrated into the popular facility. In addition, Darien Lake boasts a campground, cabins on the lake, live shows and entertainment, concert theatre, and a spectacular laser light show.  There is something for everyone at Darien Lake.

We are thrilled to welcome Darien Lake to the MAPCON building maintenance software family! It might be a wise idea if you did the same!  In the meantime, when you’re next visiting upstate New York near the city of Buffalo, plan to stop at Daren Lake Theme Park.

April 16, 2012

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Keynote Speaker

Doc Palmer, specialist in maintenance planning and schedulingThe Mapcon Users Group Conference starts the week of September 24th this year, and we are pleased to announce our keynote speaker is none other than Doc Palmer, a specialist in maintenance planning and scheduling. Doc has written an excellent handbook on maintenance scheduling, and at MUG he will be presenting “Planning and Scheduling: Increase Your Workforce without Hiring”.

Doc Palmer is a registered professional engineer with a master’s degree in business administration. He is also a CMRP, Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional.

Doc Palmer has over three decades of industrial experience as a practitioner primarily within the maintenance department of the Jacksonville Electric Authority, a major United States electric utility. From 1990 through 1994, Palmer was responsible for overhauling the existing maintenance planning organization. The resulting success played a role in expanding planning to all crafts and stations owned and operated by the utility. Publisher McGraw-Hill subsequently sought out Palmer to author the Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook published in 1999 and now in its second edition (2005). Palmer also directed the purchase and implementation of a CMMS and administered the maintenance program. Additionally, he has delivered numerous well-received maintenance articles and presentations for industry.

Please join us this year for a most enlightening experience and learning how to Simplify Success with Cutting Edge Technology at MUG!

Your Mapcon User Group Committee
To register for MUG, call Diane Wiand at 1-515-331-3358

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