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April 12, 2017

Coming Soon: Tool Control

Our programmers have been working diligently on our next release – MAPCON 6.4. This release will bring quite a few enhancements and new features, but perhaps the most exciting thing it will bring is Tool Control.

Tool Control will be part of the advanced maintenance module, and there will be a version for both Lite and Pro. It is meant to be used for tracking, repairing, and maintaining tools.

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April 3, 2017

New Clients – March

This March, we welcomed the following new clients to our family:

Cybershield – Since 1987, Cybershield has served equipment manufacturers with industry-leading plating plastic, conductive paint application, and EMI gasket dispensing for a wide range of applications.

JBMI Group Ltd. – A family owned and operated business, the JBMI Group was established in 1978 and has a proud history of driving forward advances in recycling industrial by-products and waste. The Group comprises two complementary activities – Aluminum Waste Recycling and Alternative Raw Materials (including Powder Metallurgy) – both playing their part in fulfilling a commitment to innovative & sustainable waste solutions and providing industries with products that reduce their requirement for virgin quarried materials.

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March 2, 2017

New Clients – February

In February, we welcomed the following clients to our family:

NorWesCo – Northwest Metal Products Co. (NorWesCo) is a state-of-the-art sheet metal manufacturing plant covering 320,000 square feet. (Seven acres under roof.) NorWesCo manufactures over 4000 items and employs approximately 200.

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February 2, 2017

New Clients – January

January was another great month here at Mapcon Technologies, Inc. We welcomed the following new clients:

Wyoming State Fairgrounds – The Wyoming State Fairgrounds has been the home on the Wyoming State Fair since 1905. The state fair is a largely agricultural display and rodeo, held each August.

Precon Marine – Established in 1993, Precon Marine, Inc. is a diversified marine contractor specializing in heavy marine construction, waterfront construction and related services throughout the East Coast area and abroad. With an extensive inventory of equipment and a stable, skilled offshore workforce, Precon Marine is able to take on major bridge, pier, and bulkhead rehabilitation work, sub-aqueous utility installation as well as provide call-out services for underwater inspections and commercial diving needs.

Mission Linen – Mission Linen Supply is a family-owned, privately-held company and a leading provider of products and services to hospitality, medical and industrial businesses. Founded in 1930 by George “Ben” Page, the company has grown from a one-man operation to a leading player in the linen rental and uniform business.


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February 1, 2017

Client Spotlight – Raining Rose, Inc.

Raining Rose

Think back to the last trade show you attended either as a visitor or an exhibitor. What was your favorite part of the trade show? If you’re anything like me, you enthusiastically answered “swag!”. As you applied the free lip balm you scored from your last show, did you wonder where it came from? Additionally, have you ever thought about what trade shows would be like without the free marketing materials? I personally don’t think they would be nearly as enjoyable.

Thankfully, companies like Raining Rose exist. Raining Rose, Inc., has been part of the MAPCON family since 2014. At their Cedar Rapids, Iowa plant, they specialize in manufacturing all-natural, organic body care products, such as lip balm, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, and lotion. These products are marketed to other companies to use as promotional items to be given away at trade shows and other events. Not only do they make the products on-site, but they also print the custom packaging as well. And MAPCON is there, helping out, throughout the entire process. According to Director of Engineering Ian Flynn, MAPCON is used for both preventive and reactive maintenance, as well as reporting and data management.

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January 4, 2017

New Clients – December

In December, we welcomed Blackbird Investments to our family.

Blackbird Investments – In 2013 Blackbird Investments was formed by partners Justin Doyle, Harry Doyle, Ryan Doyle, TJ Jacobs and Hugh O’Hagan. As of September of 2015, the partnership has 11 projects in design and construction with an approximate value of $280 million. These projects are located throughout Iowa and range from Adaptive Reuse to Historic Renovation to New Construction. Each project has its own set of challenges providing Blackbird Investments the opportunity to create unique solutions.


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December 1, 2016

New Clients – November

Last month we welcomed the following new clients to our family:

SunSelect Produce – SunSelect is committed to providing the best for your family, and to creating a sustainable future for our planet. They produce the only carbon neutral produce in North America, and are constantly working to develop new ways to improve their growing methods even further.

North Jersey Friendship House – The role of North Jersey Friendship House is to assist persons with disabilities on their path to wellness and recovery with the goal of improving their overall quality of life.

Nextek, Inc. – Founded in 1995, Nextek is a full service Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) company. They offer precision electronic assembly, quick turn prototyping, engineering and lab services for OEMs and other customers who develop non-commodity products.

RBC AeroStructures – RBC Bearings has a long and impressive history as an innovator in bearing technology – one that has been highlighted by patents for creative engineering design. Today, the company comprises a number of facilities throughout North America and Europe, with a global network of sales engineers, aerospace distributors, and authorized agents.

Altis Aero Systems


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November 9, 2016

New Clients – October

In October, we welcomed the following new clients:

Unique Paving Materials Corp – From pothole repairs across America to driveway asphalt repair to specialty concrete products, pavement sealers and rejuvenators, asphalt additives and tools to apply them, UNIQUE Paving Materials has a history of innovation, excellence and ongoing improvement they stand upon proudly.

Corn Plus – Corn Plus is an ethanol production facility, with a name plate production capacity with 40 million gallons per year and has been in production since 1994.

SternMaid – SternMaid America, sister company of Wittenburg, Germany-based SternMaid, opened its first U.S. production facility in 2014 in Aurora, IL. The facility offers comprehensive, customized contract manufacturing services for compounding powdered substances, in particular food supplements.

Lakeview Biodiesel – Lakeview Energy is a renewable energy company based in Chicago with investments in biofuels, agribusiness, and wind energy. The company has over 60 years of combined professional experience in its leadership team.


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